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/Baker's Dozen


/Half a Dozen Jumbo


/Individual Jumbo
  • Cookies
    • Simple Set – $26/doz
    • Detailed Set – $29/doz
  • Mini Cupcakes $10/doz
  • 6’’ Dessert Cake $30
  • 9’’ Dessert Cake $50
  • 13″ Sheet Cake $55
  • Heart Cake $60
  • Oreo balls $8/doz. Oreo cream cheese dipped in milk chocolate with a white chocolate drizzle.
  • Nutter Butter balls $8/doz. Nutter butter cream cheese dipped in white chocolate with a milk chocolate drizzle.
  • Cookie Kits $22. Includes 12 uniced sugar cookies, 4 colored icing bags, and 3 sprinkle mixes.
  • Cake pops $24.00/doz (flavors limited to chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, strawberry)
  • Cake balls $18.00/doz (flavors limited to chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, strawberry)
  • Standard cupcakes $24/doz

Strawberry Shortcake

White cake soaked in strawberry juice, topped with strawberries and a whip-based topping.


Classic carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting.

Red Velvet

Classic red velvet cake topped with cream cheese frosting.

Lemon Mousse

Lemon cake with lemon mousse in the center, topped with lemon cream cheese.

Strawberry White Chocolate

Strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting, topped with a white chocolate drizzle.

Pineapple Mandarin Orange

Mandarin orange cake with a pineapple whip topping.

Peanut Butter Cup

: Peanut butter cake with a fudge center, topped with a peanut butter frosting.

Wedding Cake

White cake with an almond buttercream.


Cinnamon swirl cake with cinnamon buttercream.


Chocolate cake topped with salted caramel and pecans.

Vanilla Birthday

Yellow cake with vanilla buttercream.

Chocolate Birthday

Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.

Classic Chocolate

Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream.

Triple Chocolate Paradise

Chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse, topped with chocolate cream cheese and a milk chocolate drizzle.

Boston Cream

Yellow cake filled with Bavarian cream, topped with fudge.

Banana Pudding

Banana cake with banana pudding in the center, topped with chopped vanilla wafers and a whip-based topping.

Lime Fiesta

Lime margarita cake with lime cream cheese.

Rasperry White Chocolate

White cake filled with raspberry fruit, topped with raspberry cream cheese and white chocolate shavings


Chocolate cake filled and topped with marshmallow whip.

Salted Caramel Apple

Apple pie filling baked into a white cake, topped with salted caramel.

Iced Coffee

Chocolate cake filled and topped with an espresso mousse.

Peach Delight

White cake baked with peach filling with buttercream icing and peach fruit.

Blueberry Lemon Swirl

White cake with blueberry baked into it with lemon cream cheese icing.

German Chocolate

Chocolate cake with German chocolate icing.

Fudge Sundae

Chocolate cake filled with fudge, topped with vanilla whip, caramel drizzle, and peanuts.

Coconut Crème

White cake filled with coconut mousse, topped with coconut cream cheese and coconut flakes